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Nursing Pro Gift Box

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Our Nursing Pro Gift Box is designed for the experienced breastfeeding mum who may be expecting her second baby.

A mix of breastfeeding tops, a manual pump, a travel cup and some breastfeeding tea are the perfect blend of items for the experienced breastfeeding mum who has been through it all before. These blend of products will ensure mum is supported on her breastfeeding journey and make it more comfortable this time round.

Included is a handy breastfeeding break sign, that can be used when she goes back to work, or help explain to older kids that mum is busy breastfeeding the new baby!

Send this gift box directly to the new mum and include a free card, simply complete the details at the checkout. Beautifully packaged in our warm bright colours, so the gift box can be re-used as a baby keepsake box.


Included within Nursing Pro Gift Box:

Two Breast Vest's in choice of colour and size

Cotton Washable Breast Pads (2 in a pack)

Elvie Curve Manual Breast Pump

Mama's Travel Cup

Breastfeeding Break Display Sign

Breastfeeding Tea

Multi-Mam Compresses

Swaddle Muslin for baby in choice of pattern

Also included a detailed description of the products and how to use them and a list of common breastfeeding questions to support mum in any queries she may have.


Nursing Pro Breastfeeding Gift box
Breastfeeding Gift Box by Mama&
Mum Breastfeeding her baby wearing a breast vest
Breastfeeding Break Display Sign
Multi-Mam Compresses
Cotton Washable Breast Pads
Swaddle Muslin in Giraffee Print
Swaddle Muslin in Milk Bottle Print
Swaddle Muslin in Whale Print
Swaddle Muslin in Pink Flamingo Print
Elvie Manual Breast Pump
Breastfeeding Tea by Solaris

Customer Reviews

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Geraldine Clogher

Bought this for my daughter, her second baby. Already, with baby not a week old, she's used some of the products. Baby had tongue tie so the pads were great for really sore nipples! Got a release yesterday so already feeding is easier.

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