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Breastfeeding discomfort can stem from various causes like improper latch, engorgement, or infections, leading to soreness. Using proper positioning techniques, ensuring a good latch, applying warm compresses, and expressing milk before feeding can help. Nipple creams, silver cups, multi-mam compresses and nipple shields, can all offer relief when you are experiencing breastfeeding pain. It is imperative breastfeeding mums priortise their breast care when feeding.

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What is the difference between your Gift Boxes?

The main difference between all our boxes is the number of products in each box. We have recently designed new gift boxes with new names to help you choose the correct one depending on if it's a new mum, a twin mum or an experienced breastfeeding mum.

Our Twin Delights Gift Box can be ordered with or without a twin breastfeeding pillow and it is designed with feedback from twin breastfeeding mums.

The Original Gift Box has 7 items and was our first curated gift box based on our founders own breastfeeding experiences with her first baby and it is an ideal gift box for the first-time breastfeeding. 

Our Nursing Pro Gift Box is designed for the experiencing breastfeeding mum and includes items she may not have had the first time she breastfed. 

Our First Time Feeder Gift Box was created based on feedback from mums wanting silver cups and a Haakaa pump within a gift box. This can be ordered also with a breastfeeding pillow as an optional extra.

Breastfeeding Gift Boxes