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Mama's Boobie Box

Create your own Breastfeeding Gift Box for Mum

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    Create your own Breastfeeding Gift Box for the mum in your life from our selection of products.

    A gift that will make mum feel very loved and supported on her breastfeeding journey.

    Up to nine products can fit within our gift box. Please get in touch if you wish to include more and we will fulfill your needs.

    Simply select this gift box and add any items you want to the checkout and we will beautifully pack them all together and deliver within 2-3 working days.

    Create your own Breastfeeding Gift Box is a thoughtful and practical way to celebrate and support a new mother during this special time. By including items that enhance comfort, provide practical support, and promote relaxation, you can create a gift that truly celebrates the beauty of breastfeeding and the strength of motherhood.

    Some ideas for a simple gift box:

    Choose a tea from our selection

    Pick a breastfeeding cover

    Washable breast pads for your eco mum

    Choose a muslin cloth as a gift for baby

    Lastly, a heartfelt note or a beautifully designed card expressing support and admiration for the new mom can add a personal touch to the gift box. Acknowledge the challenges she may face and commend her for the incredible journey she's embarked upon. 

    You can request a card at the checkout and we will include this for you, free of charge.



    Breastfeeding Gift Box from Mama&
    Breastfeeding Gift Box from Mama&
    A Breastfeeding Gift Box with colourful writing stating "Mama&

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