Tough Mudder aka Tough Mother

Tough Mudder aka Tough Mother

What seemed like a great idea back in January when I was motivated to get fit and lose the baby belly, turned into a whole world of pain this weekend! One of the women in my NCT group encouraged a few of us to take park in a 5km Tough Mudder event this weekend.

A couple of months ago I thought it was a great idea and it would give me the focus I needed to get back into my exercise routine. Unfortunately it’s not that easy when you have an unsettled baby. So weeks of woken nights, a holiday, a new job meant I was totally unprepared as I reached the start line. It was only during the course I realised how different my body is post baby, when I couldn’t get up one of the obstacles.

After 3 attempts, cut knees and elbows I broke down in tears. I am normally so competitive and have completed triathlons, marathons, 10km’s atc pre baby, some with little training.I just had to accept I am now a little slower, not as focused on fitness and defintely no core strength left. But 10 months post baby I have to be proud of the fact I crossed the finished line. I kept going. Isn’t that what you do when you have a baby? You keep going, that endurance within you getting through all the sleepness nights, dirty nappy’s, and 3am feeds!I faceplanted into muddy water, I crawled under barbed wire, I cut my knees (the pain of which I had totally forgotten). And why?, to prove I could. That even though I had a baby, I am still me. Just currently a very bruised and broken me 😂😂.(A massive thanks to the NCT ladies who got me around the course, you are all so inspiring 😘)

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