New Routine

New Routine

I’m a week into work now and Isobel is on day 4 of full time creche. A massive adjustment but even in that short space of time we seem to have settled well into a new routine.

Myself and my husband agreed between us that I would do morning drop off and he would collect Isobel from creche. Although I chickened out on Monday and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her, so left it to hubbie to sort. By the second day I was feeling braver and managed to hold in my tears until I left the creche.

On the other side Isobel is happy been dropped off as she goes straight into breakfast there. She is barely sitting, before she starts stuffing herself with toast and poor mom hardly gets a second glance. I even tried waving goodbye this morning and she wasn’t even bothered. It’s like she is saying “I have food now, you are no longer valuable to me!”. She is so excited by other babies too and gives such squeals once she sees her little friends.

The evenings are a little bit tricker as she is not home until after six and it seems like such a rush of bath, bottle bed, that I feel I don’t see her properly at all. A good friend of mine gave me some great advice to try and spend at least 10 minutes with her playing before her bedtime so she gets her mommy fix and mommy gets bonding time. Most of the time its me cuddling her really hard, and her wriggling out of my arms! She has also been a bit grumpy in the evenings as she is still not properly napping during the day. There is so much going on at creche she cannot really switch off. Even the days I was there with her felt like over stimulation for me. I did really doubt if I had made the right decision about the type of childcare I had chosen. But I am giving it a few more weeks of adjustment to see if her sleeping changes.

For now I am enjoying having hot cups of tea and coffee, and eating lunch without thinking “When will she wake up?”

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