What I wish I’d done

What I wish I’d done

A friend of mine asked me recently what did I want to get done before I had gone back to work but not got the chance to. So I created the below top 5 if anyone is facing a similiar situation soon;

1. Get a haircut, the hair regrowth is so bad, I recently spent a video call to my sister just scanning all of this new fluff at the top of my head, not even pins will keep it down at this stage!

2. Go to the dentist while you still have your maternity exemption card, even if its just a check up or get them cleaned. And bring baby with you, the sooner you try eliminate fear of dentist the better.

3. Try have an afternoon date with your significant other. Talk about how you will plan your new routine, who can do what, as it is a big adjustment.

4. Have a full day off baby duties, spend it wisely, my advice is reading in bed 😉.

5. Try get a morning of shopping just by yourself, some new work clothes will make you super confident when you return to work. You have no idea how much your body changes when you look back at pre-pregnancy clothes.

And of course it goes without saying, get in as many baby cuddles as you can, you will miss these the most!

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