Thank F*** it’s Friday

Thank F*** it’s Friday

Anyone on maternity leave just hanging for Friday to come so the dad’s can take over? I am very lucky my hubbie is working from home the majority of the time but he has been away the last two days and I am really feeling it.

This week has seemed especially cruel. Isobel has decided 5.30am wasn’t early enough and her new wake up time should be 4.30am!! You can definitely see the effects on my face with the bags under my eyes growing bigger by the day, but she wakes up chatting and gurgling away to herself.

I have read a lot of sleep programs and they all suggest trying to get her back to sleep otherwise I will create a habit. They haven’t met my baby, who is bright eyed and bushy tailed at that time of the morning, and even after and a hour and a half of trying to settle her back to sleep nothing works. What is really annoying is I don’t even think she is waking because of hunger as I have left her a few morning’s in the hope of going back to sleep, and all she does is laugh at me! I am sure she is thinking in her head “mommy is very stupid”!

I tried to improve her naps during the daytime too and this actually worked, so she is now sleeping two hours consecutively at lunchtime. And this is still not making a difference to wake up time. I have stopped looking at my watch now when she does wake, as she is better than any alarm I have ever had!

We got a new cotbed this week which we have yet to put together as she seems to be wiggling her way to the top of the current cot. I am presuming she is getting too big for it and also using this as an excuse of why she is waking early.

Whatever the answer to her early morning’s I am sure by the time I have figured it out, she will be back to normal sleeping patterns, whatever normal is!

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