Making time for me

Making time for me

It can feel like you lose yourself a lot when having a baby so once Isobel starting sleep through the night I decided to go back to my hobbies.

I did a lot of swimming in my pregnancy and was determined to continue once I felt able post baby.

Myself and the hubbie agreed for our own sanity that we should each have a least one evening to ourselves during the week once Isobel was in bed. He played poker and I went to the pool.

It felt so strange been away from Isobel even though she was asleep, I kept thinking what if she needs me or a feed or my husband cannot settle her. He reassured me as always that he is perfectly capable of looking after her. Of course I knew this but it was still hard to break away. It felt a piece of me was missing while I was swimming.

This week I went back running too, something I loved pre-pregnancy, but an injury whilst I was pregnant meant I had not been running in over a year. I am starting slowly and it is nice to feel a little bit of myself has returned.

I know me feeling well by exercising can only mean my baby gets the best of me too, so I’l keep pounding the pavement and doing laps in the pool and hopefully in time feelings of guilt will ease and I’l stop missing her so much..

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