Taking a break

Taking a break

So today is my day off from Isobel. I left her before her lunch time nap and gave her so many kisses and cuddles. I am sure as long as she is fed she won’t even notice I am gone.

It’s only 5 hrs since I left and I already feel refreshed. I booked into a hotel close to home so if anything went really wrong I could return quickly.

I haven’t even had a nap yet, but did have a swim and spent time in the steam room which felt amazing. I know I am enjoying a luxury which some cannot do so I am thankful for each minute I am here. The hubbie is giving me hourly updates which is helping me to relax.

I am just waiting for dinner before I turn in for the night and what I am really looking forward to is un-interrupted sleep. The thrill of knowing I won’t wake up to seeing 3 or 4 am on the clock is immense!!

I miss Isobel so much already, but absence only makes the heart grow fonder and I know in my gut this is the right thing for me. The last few nights have been particularly tough with 4.30 am wake up changing to 3 am and then staying up for at least 2 hours! I can bet the one night I am away she will sleep through! I am looking forward to hearing how my husband has coped in the morning..

In the meantime, I will enjoy the peace and quiet. Cheers mommies 🥂

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