BLW-the mess continues

BLW-the mess continues

We’re about 3 weeks into weaning now and I can’t quite believe how quickly she has progressed to 3 meals a day.

I started in earnest with baby led weaning (blw) and tried to continue this way but I have also done some mashed veggie meals.

I was attempting to do feeding every second day as I thought this would be better for Isobels digestion, but once she started feeding her night sleeping went to pot. I got some good advice from my NCT leader Lou Toosey about weaning and her sleep. I changed what I was doing and upped her intake of food and did it each day and offered food 3 times a day. Isobel loved it and she clearly has a great appetite. Immediately her sleeping changed, she wasn’t as cranky and her night sleep has now stretched to 11 hrs. Daytime naps are now a breeze although she still won’t nap in her cot, I no longer have to walk the parks to get her to snoozyland. A few pushes back and forth in the pram with some lullaby music usually works.

For breakfast she has porridge mixed with blueberries about 20 mins after her milk feed. The porridge is such a mess to clean especially as it turns into a concrete substance the minute it drys! For lunch I usually do a mix of veg and fruit and for dinner I’ve been trialing some protein foods (avocado, yogurt, cheese) as this helps prolong her night sleep.

For meal ideas I have been following a few profiles on Instagram

I am also dusting off a few of my cookbooks to keep things interesting. One of my favourites is Derval O’Rourke-Food for the Fast lane as meals are easy to make and the treats are delicious.

I am keeping a track of what Isobel has eaten so far, so I can keep progressing her tastebuds. She likes to be fed by spoon instead of using her hands but I just hand the spoon to her and let her decide when she has enough. It does feel like I am in a constant cycle of milk feed, solids, change of clothes sleep so by the time 6pm comes round I stratch my head and wonder where the day went. For now I am enjoying watching her love and explore food, even if I am picking stuff out of her nose and wondering if its porridge or snot 🤔

Porridge cooked with blueberries

Covered in yogurt

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