Solids don’t just mean food

Solids don’t just mean food

I love how my Valentines Day is now spent discussing the type of poo Isobel did today with my better half and if it was healthy or not!

Since Isobel is now eating 3 meals a day and a good portion at each her poos have changed drastically. Expect to find bits of carrot and even black worm type goo (especially if they have had some banana). That one did freak me out and I referred to my trusty baby centre poo guide which gives images of poos and expected timelines and guidelines of what to expect (full disclosure:do not click on the link in the middle of dinner). The smell will also leave you wanting a peg on your nose mid nappy change, just to stop you getting sick.

Despite all the poo talk, I had a lovely Valentines Day with Isobel and the better half even cooked me dinner.

Happy Valentines everyone 😘

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