Potty training follow up

Potty training follow up

It’s hard to believe its nearly 3 months since we began potty training. I’ve been asked a lot of questions since, so thought I would highlight below the main things to focus on before you start:

1. Do your research, I spent about a month reading “Oh crap potty training” before I felt ready.

2. Be really committed, block an entire weekend to dedicate to being inside with your toddler running around without nappy/knickers/pants on i.e naked from waist down. (I booked a Friday off work, so had 3 full days).

3. Be prepared for a highly anxious toddler, that will mentally and emotionally drain you. (By 8am on the first day I was ready to give up, the tears and tantrums were unreal)

4. If they are smart enough to be able to refuse toilet training, they are smart enough to do it, get yourself a big helping of willpower, you will need it for both of you!

5. Have plenty of their fave juices on hand and give them out regularly, so you have loads of opportunities to practice, just watch out for high sugar juices and you may have a toddler who can hold pee for hours, they eventually give in, watch out for overspill from the potty!!

6. Poos are difficult as it means they have to sit for at least a couple of minutes before anything happens (and what toddler sits for this long), distractions with books, toys, teddies, fireman sam if you have to.

We still have small accidents now and then but usually because she is so focused playing she forgets to go to the toilet. We are still doing a pull up for night time and nap, but she will refuse to go to the toilet in a pull up if she is awake. While her pull ups are still very wet when she wakes, I think it will be a few more months before we get rid of them completely.

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