The next chapter..

The next chapter..

So how is it less than 100 days until Xmas?? I’m not sure where the year is gone, never mind the fact I haven’t blogged in a while.

Well there has been a lot of change going on, since we went through potty training in July, which feels like a lifetime ago now.

During lockdown in London we decided we couldn’t live that life if we had another lockdown in Winter. A small flat, an active toddler, juggling jobs and childcare =1 unhappy mommy!! So we decided to move back to Ireland and move in with my MIL while we plan to build our own house.

I was fortunate I could keep my job in London as we will continue to work at home for another 6 months. My husband picked up a new job fairly easy so we are in a really good situation. We are now rural based and Isobel has loads of space to run around without any worry of roads, cars etc, just like the childhood I had.

She has settled into her surrounds fairly well, only about 2 weeks of waking during the night. She is now in a new nursery and has turned into a chatterbox, talking about dogs, baas and cows! She still calls her new friends the same names as her old nursery and tells me she has been playing with Lucy all day. It breaks my heart a little to hear that as she was just starting to make friends in London.

But all the benefits we have here,such as family close by, loads of cousins to play with, make up for anything we lost in London.

I still really miss my mums group, but thankfully with whatsapp we still can support each other as we navigate the terrible two’s! More on this later..

Did I mention we bought a small boat

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