I’m going on a rant..

I’m going on a rant..

Seriously fuming this morning when dropping off Isobel at creche and asked if this is the jacket that will be kept there. So essentially got a text yesterday saying because of Covid their jackets must be kept at creche meaning I now have to go out and buy another one. And I was expecting to turn this around in 12 hours, ah hello I work full time, the whole reason she is coming to creche in the first place. 😤😤

I’ve pretty much stayed on the fence with Covid as some peoples opinions can be very in your face. But I’m picking a side, I think we have all gone a little crazy! We will look back at 2020 and think did we overreact just a little bit!! 🤔🤔

I feel sorry for the mum’s who cannot afford this expense. I would really love to meet the person coming up with these ridiculous rules, as if a coat is going to be the one thing that closes down the creche. Did I mention I am already packing her lunchboxes each day in ziplock bags? For what purpose, who knows, more plastic been dumped in bins.

And to think last year the world’s biggest problem was eliminating plastic straws 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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