Its hot hot hot

Its hot hot hot

Its a very humid 36 degrees in London today and keeping a baby cool in this weather is really difficult. With an indoor temperture still hovering around the 27 mark at 8pm, you know theres a long night ahead!

I’ve resorted to leaving Isobel in a nappy and light vest, but even with this, the sweat is dripping from her hair. She’s clearly not happy as the night time routine has gone out the window. As I try and lay her down to sleep she’s now pulling herself up to standing in the cot and thinks its one big game as I try and lay her down repeatedly!!

I thought I would great a break this evening and go for a cycle after she settled, but after an hour of back and forth I feel my calories are already spent!

So instead I’ve taken to the garden with a glass of Pimms, just like Isobel’s bad sleep routine, we don’t know how long this heatwave will last, so I’m enjoying it while I can (even if I’m uncomfortably dripping in sweat)


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