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Mama's Boobie Box

Twin Delights Gift Box with Nursing Pillow

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Our Twin Delights Gift Box includes a nursing pillow especially designed for a twin breastfeeding mum.

Filled with breastfeeding essentials that will support a twin mum to breastfeed. A special swaddle muslin is included for each baby, with a wonderful selection of patterns available to choose from.

Our twin delights gift box includes a detailed description of each of the products and how to use them along with a supportive guide of common breastfeeding questions.

Mums will be able to resuse this gift box as a baby keepsake and keep all of her babies precious first memories!

You can send this gift box directly to the mum in you life and include a card. Simply complete the correct shipping address at the checkout and include your message in the notes section for the card.


Included within the Twin Delights Gift Box:

Twin Breastfeeding Pillow by Sonora Baby 

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

2 Swaddle Muslin's in your choice of pattern

Cotton Washable Breast Pads (2 in pack)

Breastfeeding Bag to keep breastfeeding items together

Mama's Travel Cup

Silverette Nursing Cups

Multi-Mam Compresses 

New Bloom Breastfeeding Tea




Twin Breastfeeding Gift Box
Twin Breastfeeding Gift Box with twin breastfeeding pillow
Twin Breastfeeding Gift Box with practical essentials for breastfeeding
Mum breastfeeding twins with the use of a twin breastfeeding pillow
Silverette Nursing Cups for breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Tea by Solaris Botanicals
Haakaa Manual Breast Pump in 150ml size
Multi Mam Compresses for breastfeeding
Washable Breast Pads in Cotton Fabric by Bamboolik
Swaddle Muslin in 120cm size in a giraffe print
Swaddle Muslin in 120cm size in a milk bottle print
Swaddle Muslin in 120cm size in a whales print
Swaddle Muslin in 120cm size in a flamingo print
Swaddle Muslin in 120cm size in a fox and tree print

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