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Pendulum Breastfeeding Necklace- By Necklactic

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Pendulum Breastfeeding Necklace- By Necklactic made specifically for Mama's Boobie Box is a perfect way to keep your baby latched whilst feeding.

The purpose of a breastfeeding necklace is to provide a distraction for the baby during nursing sessions. Babies are often curious and may become easily distracted or fidgety while breastfeeding. A breastfeeding necklace can give the baby something to focus on, such as a pendant or beads, helping to keep them engaged and reducing the likelihood of them pulling or tugging on the mother's clothing or hair.

Babies usually get distracted when nursing around 3-4 months old, so this necklace is the perfect way to hold their attention at the breast ensuring they get a full feed.

We know as a breastfeeding mum you have to hide away the good jewellery for a while, but with these colourful necklaces you can still enjoy a piece of jewellery and know baby will be safe playing with it.

These necklaces are also sometimes used as teething necklaces when the baby starts teething. The safe materials used in the necklace provide a soothing and safe surface for the baby to chew on.


Pendulum Breastfeeding Necklace- By Necklactic are handmade in Ireland so a limited supply is available. It comes packaged in a small linen tote bag and beautifully wrapped.


Pendulum Breastfeeding Necklace- Distract Baby Whilst Feeding
Breastfeeding Necklace by Necklactic
Breastfeeding Necklace handmade in Dublin
Teething Necklace for Breastfeeding

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