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Breast Milk Collection Cups- Milk Collection Shells

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Breast Milk Collection Cups- Milk Collection Shells are a convenient and easy way to collect leaking breast milk when you are feeding your baby.

Simply pop a cup on your breast inside your bra whilst feeding from the other side and collect your breast milk, which then can be stored in a freezer for up to 6 months.

Breast milk collection cups have become indispensable tools for nursing mothers, offering a convenient and efficient way to collect and store breast milk. These cups provide a practical solution for breastfeeding mothers who may need to express milk for various reasons, such as returning to work, sharing caregiving responsibilities, or addressing specific breastfeeding challenges.

The cups are shaped to fit discreetly within a bra, allowing mothers to collect milk hands-free during natural let-down or manual expression. This hands-free feature not only simplifies the process but also provides mothers with the freedom to engage in other activities while expressing milk.

Having a stock of breast milk available means as a mum you can take a break from your baby if you need to at short notice.




Made from silicone, with each shell collecting up to 25ml of breastmilk.

Wash thoroughly and sterilise each time after use.

2 cups are included


Milk collection cups to collect excess leaking breast milk in a cup by placing on your breast, 2 are shown.
Milk collection cups to collect excess leaking breast milk in a cup by placing on your breast, 2 are shown with milk.

Customer Reviews

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These products are great!

I bought the Milk Collection Cups and Cotton Washable Breast Pads from mamasboobiebox. The products are great. I would especially recommend the collection cups for the early days to make sure no milk goes to waste! The products arrived quickly. Petrinas Instagram is also a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding.

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