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Medela Milk Collection Shells- Collection Cups

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Medela Milk Collection Shells are a easy and convenient way to catch leaking breast milk. 

One of the main advantages of milk collection shells is their ability to prevent wastage of breast milk. As a mother breastfeeds, it is not uncommon for milk to leak from the non-nursing breast. Milk collection shells are shaped like a cup and are worn inside the bra, with a cutout that fits over the nipple. This design allows them to catch and collect the leaked milk, saving it for later use. This is particularly beneficial for mothers who may experience a strong letdown reflex or have a surplus of milk, as it ensures that none of the precious liquid is lost.

You can also wear milk collection shells between feeds to avoid wet patches. 

Medela Milk Collection Shells are worn over your nipple to collect leaking breast milk, ensuring that not a drop that leaks during feeds goes to waste.

Milk collection shells can be advantageous for mothers who want to build up a milk supply for storage. The collected milk can be stored in breast milk storage containers or bags, ready for future use. This is especially valuable for working mothers who may be away from their infants during the day, as it allows them to stockpile a supply of breast milk for their baby's needs.


Medela Milk Collection Shells- Collection Cups for Breast Milk
Medela Milk Collection Cup -2 pack

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