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Birth Affirmation Cards for labour & Hypnobirthing

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Our beautifully designed Birth Affirmation Cards for labour & Hypnobirthing can help you keep calm and focused during labour.

Designed by our founder Petrina, birth affirmation cards are a great way to compliment hypnobirthing and encourage positive thinking towards birth.

As an integral part of the growing trend toward holistic and positive birthing experiences, these cards have gained popularity for their potential to contribute to a more positive and empowering childbirth experience.

The affirmations on these cards are carefully chosen to resonate with the expectant mother, addressing common fears and anxieties associated with childbirth. Positive statements such as "I am relaxed, confident and in control" "I breathe in courage and exhale tension," and "my body was designed to do this" can help counteract negative thoughts and create a more positive mental space for the mother.

One of the key benefits of birth affirmation cards is their ability to shift the focus from fear to confidence. Pregnancy and childbirth can be emotionally charged experiences, and fear and anxiety can hinder the natural process of labor. Affirmation cards act as a gentle reminder of the mother's inner strength and resilience, helping her to approach labor with a calm and positive mindset.



10 Birth Affirmations

Heart style pegs x 10

String to hang pegs and fit 10 cards

Beautifully packaged in a small box, delicately wrapped in pink tissue paper so you can keep your cards as a reminder of your birth and use for any other pregnancies.

For best results read these cards often before your due date.

Keep with you in your labour space to remind yourself to stay positive.

Share with your birth partner who can use these powerful words of encouragement during labour to assist you to give birth in a positive way!

10 Cards are included in one pack.

Printed in A6, single sided, in a laminated matte finish


Birth Affirmation Cards being read by a mum
Birth Affirmation Cards displayed on string by a mum
Birth Affirmation Cards display box
Birth Affirmation Cards displayed with presentation box
Birth Affirmation Cards hearts and string included with gift
Birth Affirmation Cards displayed when opened

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