The things I do…

The things I do…

For a bit of peace! I found myself in the bath last night with Isobel. She has been so cranky lately and “No” has become her new favourite word.

So to encourage her into the bath, I convinced her it would be fun for mommy to join. Of course she told me I was too big! A great vote of confidence for my Covid belly.

But we did end up having great fun and she took great pleasure in splashing mommy. And I know what your thinking, creating a rod for my own back. Yes she did ask me to join her again tonight, but I managed to fob her off by saying I had a bath earlier.

I am sure every mom creates a bad habit unintended and somehow it just sticks. Hopefully that will be our last bath together!

Here’s to the weekend and a big cheers and pat on the back for all those moms and dads working and homeschooling!

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