Mommy huggies

Mommy huggies

Isobel seems to be going through some real developmental changes lately and nothing works but mommy huggies. We had a big long cuddle this morning before we left for creche, as she gets a little confused when Monday’s come around and the routine starts again. She doesn’t want to leave mama so I had to explain how much I loved her but mama had to work.

Unfortunately last week I put my back out and couldn’t lift her or bring her to creche which she found so confusing. I tried to explain mommy had a sore back to make her understand. But then every night before bed she would repeat that I had a sore back and seem really concerned.

I guess we don’t really know what goes on in their minds or how sensitive they are. She then joined me in bed one evening to rub my back to make it all better. It was just the sweetest thing and nearly brought a tear to my eye. (I guess I shouldn’t wonder where she gets the sensitive nature from 😉).

Thankfully I am on the mend after seeing an osteopath and back driving the car, which Isobel loved today. She was really concerned though when leaving creche, when her little friend Hayley was still there. She questioned me when Hayley’s mommy was going to come and get her, and stayed talking about it for another 20 minutes. Our car journeys are usually full of stories about what happened in creche. She then told me about who was crying and who wasn’t as if she had genuine concern. I told her she could be nice and give her friends huggies if they were crying.

She then told me she missed mommy during the day, and I told her I missed her too, which again nearly had me in tears!

I am just trying to support and reassure her as much as I can so she knows she can tell me if she’s upset, no matter how hard it is to hear.

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