Pushing through 2020

Pushing through 2020

Anyone else just want to hide under the duvet covers until 2020 passes. It’s all getting a bit too much for me to be honest and sometimes only seeing Isobel’s smiling face is what keeps me going.

Xmas holidays are coming and a time for families to come together, but for some it will be thinking about those we said goodbye to this year. It can be a tough time for a lot of people.

I lost my uncle very suddenly a few weeks ago and today when I reached out to say hi to an old work colleague she told me the same had happened her last week. So no matter what we are going through it is important to remember others are often going through the same. She shared with me a lovely passage as below, please pass it on to someone who might not be feeling the Xmas cheer this year.

The people we love still live through us. Everything we do, say, are…is shaped by what we’ve absorbed from them. Picture a moment when you laughed together. Think of one thing you were right by them. Remember a discussion you once had. These memories are the legacy of loss. That we absorb these moments and can replay them means the ones we lose are never far from us. None of us can stay. The shortness of life is cruel. But the strength of human connection – love – is what means we endure in the hearts of others after we are gone.

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