Keeping the toddler car seat clean

Keeping the toddler car seat clean

Since we started potty training Isobel my other half was extremely worried about Isobel having accidents in the car. So we bought a cover that fits under the car seat, which protects the car.

Since Isobel has a habit of not saying anything if she’s distracted we have had more than one occasion of potty in the car seat.

So the other evening when we got home from creche and I was taking her out of the seat she says “oh mommy all wet”. Yes this is how she tells me she has wet her pants as if it’s a massive surprise to her! It is so infuriating but something that will hopefully pass! The car seat was completely soaked so a lot of scrubbing with CIF and a hot cloth to remove the smell and then had to leave the car running with heat on full blast to dry it out for 20 minutes.

When I confront Isobel about why she didn’t tell me, I don’t get any logical response, I guess she is 2, what am I expecting! I just constantly reinforce she needs to tell me when pee pee is coming and hopefully one day she will listen 🤷‍♀️

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