New Year, New Room

New Year, New Room

It’s hard to believe I have now gone past the 4 month mark with Aisling, time seems to be just slipping through my fingers!

After Christmas, due to her growing at an extraordinary rate, we decided to move her into the bigger cot. It doesn’t fit in our room which meant moving her too, sigh!! It came a little quicker than with Isobel and she is not sleeping through the night, but unfortunately she just got too long for the co-sleeper. To be fair, it usually helps my sleep too, otherwise I just lie there listening to them breathe and wondering when are they likely to wake again!!

She is a blessing of a child when it comes to sleep. I know everyone says with the second one you are more relaxed, but I do think Aisling is just really good at sleep too! So with her moving I thought we would have a few horrendous nights of settling her. But no, just took a little bit of extra cuddling on the first night and that was it she was happy in there. Luckily there is room in there for a small bed, so half of the time I am sleeping in my own bed and then sleeping in the spare bed after I give Aisling a night feed.

Her sleep is getting really good now, doing 6-7 hours at a time. So for example, last night she slept from about 8:15-3:50am, that has been the best night yet. Then she fed and went back to sleep straight away which has never happened, and slept till nearly 7am!!

So how do I get this child to sleep so easily. I just put her down in the cot once she has been winded properly, she will start to suck her fingers (I didn’t give her a soother, we are still trying to get Isobel out of her’s 3.5 years later!) and that is it, she will nod off to sleep. This is the dream literally! It never happened like this with Isobel, I always had to feed her to sleep. Aisling doesn’t seem to like or want to feed to sleep unless she is really exhausted. She will take her feed, come off the boob, need winding and then be put down.

The other day I even left her on the floor on a rug with her jacket on for 5 minutes, as I had intended to take her for a walk. When I came back into the room, she was asleep, seriously who does that! See what I mean, I am blessed with the most easy-going baby ever!!

Let’s just hope it continues this way…

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