Baby led weaning-2nd Baby

Baby led weaning-2nd Baby

I started weaning Aisling last week. I am still finding it hard to believe she has hit the 6 months mark. It feels time is going so much quicker with my second baby.

She is taking to weaning like a duck to water and when I put her in the high chair, she doesn’t have a lot of patience until she gets food into her hand. I decided to try the baby led approach again and since Aisling sucks on her fingers to soothe herself, she has the whole hand to mouth thing nailed already. (I refused to start her on a soother as Isobel still has her’s, although rumor has it the Easter Bunny is getting it this year!)

I used the book “Baby-Led Weaning” (in the picture) with Isobel and I am more or less using the same approach. I have bought a few baby jars of yogurts etc, just to give a bit of a mix, but I am handing Aisling the spoon and she is deciding what to do with it.

We are trying a different food most days and keeping it to one food at a time to eliminate any potential allergies or intolerances. So far all good, but the nappy smell is just horrendous. As I am exclusively breastfeeding her, the poos have been fairly ok to deal with, but now we have entered a new playing field. Runny yellow poo, sorry if you are eating or thinking about it!! You have been warned.

So far we have got through potato, parsnip, banana, avocado, egg, toast, porridge, blueberries, rusks, liga, chicken, yogurt. The only thing she really doesn’t seem to enjoy so far is avocado. We are already up to 3 meals a day which seems very fast in 2.5 weeks but she’s loving it. I haven’t noticed any drop in her feeds and her sleep is much the same as it was, so awake usually once a night.

Of course her dad refuses to help at all with the feeding as he is terrified she will choke. We have had about 5 near choking experiences so far. As I explained to my husband if we don’t feed her she will never learn how to bring up food or prevent herself from choking. Thankfully I have not reached panic mode with any of these instances, as she was capable of getting the food out with her tongue. It is so worth while to do a baby first aid course so you know what to do if a choking instance becomes serious. It will give you more confidence weaning and you will learn when to step in and when the baby is sorting it out themselves.

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