Naughty girl at Nursery

Naughty girl at Nursery

It’s always a proud day when you find out from nursery that you need to be “more firm” with your daughter, after you’ve learnt she’s been scratching babies faces and thinking it’s funny. If I was there my response would have been “that’s nothing compared to the headbutts, eye gauging, and lip pulling I have experienced over the last few weeks”. Thankfully my husband was there to listen to this shameful report from nursery.

So this evening was all about playing nice, so I gently rubbed her face this evening while constantly repeating the word “nice” so she understood. After which she walked over to her dad pulled his hair, and stuck her fingers up his nose. 🙈🙈

I do love her rebelious spirit, but fear that we need to tame this down a notch or two. She is such a playful girl and loves climbing on anything she can, so I feel I need to play a balancing act with the discpline. Obviously she needs to learn manners , but I don’t want this to turn into mean mommy or change her fun personality!

It’s such a tough call, as how much do they really understand at 15 months?? I am going to have to research this one a bit further. Would love to hear from anyone in similiar circumstances, please feel free to share.

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