Do you cry it out?

Do you cry it out?

It seems everyone I talk to about this is either so decidely for it or against, there seems to be no middle of the road option. Maybe I am naive to think there could be.

I have read a lot on this topic and since there always seems to be a phase when it is difficult to settle Isobel, I’m always left wondering if I have made the right decision. I have tried to be the cry it out mom many times, but I always think there could be something wrong so can never let it last more than 5 minutes. Her cries seem to go through me and all I want to do is comfort her.

Tonight was a perfect example, she has been very cross at bedtime for the last week. So I thought maybe she is overtired so I brought her bedtime forward about 15 mins. She didn’t take as long to settle (30 mins compared to the normal hour). From the minute I took her from the bath though it was one long tantrum of tears with nothing really visible to explain why! I found it so frustrating. Her screams were horrendous and it sounded as if she was in real pain. She didnt settle with a cuddle or rocking. I eventually settled her with some milk, but really don’t want to make a habit of it.

So which side of the fence are you on and how do you cope with the endless tears?

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