Chickenpox weekend

Chickenpox weekend

Last week I discovered a few little spots on Isobel after her bath. They didn’t look that severe, and she sometimes gets a small rash after a bath. So I went off to nursery with her on Friday thinking she was ok. I was just at the train station when they called me back to say, it defintely looks like chickenpox. I took her straight to GP (although in hindsight, not really necessary) and after a few hours wait they confirmed it. They did recommend what to do if the spots got infectous or if she had any in her eyes, which is essentially to take her straight to the hospital.

So we had a lovely day off together of sitting around the house with loads of cuddles for me. She doesn’t really appear sick and only for the spots, I wouldn’t really notice. She is a lot more clingy and tired, but refusing to take any additional naps.

I got a few home remedies such as a bath in bread soda (from a lady on the bus), use talcum powder to keep skin dry and try a cooling lotion to prevent scratching. Also try and keep her nails trim, so if she does try and stratch she wont leave any marks. This is easier said than done with Isobel trying to wrestle me for the scissors each time! I think we have been extremely lucky with the symptoms so far and with the spots starting to crust over, I am hoping she is at the end of it.

My only main problem in all of this has been sorting out childcare. Normally was husband steps in as he is self employed but its the one week where is really busy travelling. I still feel while governments and employers have come a long way in terms of maternity leave, but the support is not as strong once you are actually back at work. Luckily I called on my trusty NCT group for a solution and within a few hours, I had something sorted. This wonderful resource of inspiring women and true mom friends has been a lifeline for me especially with no close family in this country.

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