Congrats you have an alert baby

Congrats you have an alert baby

Ever since Isobel was born I have had difficulty trying to get her asleep. I have tried everything and googled everything and the most annoying responses I got online were “congrats you have an alert baby”. Not so much when its 12pm and she has been up since 6am and still hasn’t napped.

I bought all the stuff most advice recommends a white noise machine, a music box, a comforter toy, soothers, none of which really work. She always screamed more when I played the white noise.

At one of my ante natal catch up’s post baby the NCT leader suggesting ssshing in her ear. She was 6 weeks at this stage and I was slowly losing the will to live with all the sleepless days and nights. But I began with the ssshing and it started to work. She needed it directly into her ear and loudly but it always seemed to calm her.

Then when I visited my sister a few weeks later, she sang to her and this seem to really relax her. So now I continue with a mix of sshing and singing to get her to settle, no more Amazon products required! Daytime naps are still a battle and she is now 5 months, and sometimes I give in and breastfeed her to sleep. As I am slowly realising every baby is different and not everything you read will work, but its finding the solution that fits your baby. I told one of my NCT friends recently babies are like horses they can smell fear, so just try and remain relaxed when you are putting your little one to sleep. If it is getting frustrating drop your shoulders and take a deep breath, they will sleep eventually!

Always rely on your gut instinct, it is more powerful than anything you read online.

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