Boobie Journal has launched

Boobie Journal has launched

The Boobie Journal officially launched through a live instagram last Monday to a very supportive live call.

Petrina went through the journal in detail and you can watch back the video here

Petrina was inspired to create this journal after realising how many mums are feeding without the knowledge or support from their mother or grandmother as they did not breastfeed. There is a massive knowledge gap around breastfeeding in Ireland and Petrina hopes to inspire mums to take up that mantle and build a bank of breastfeeding knowledge with The Boobie Journal.

The journal follows all the milestones that you may encounter on your breastfeeding journey including preparing for breastfeeding, the first feed, settling in at home, cluster feeding, pumping, teething and breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding and managing your sleep. The journal even includes a special page where you can write about ending your breastfeeding journey and the things you did to mark that special moment.

Founder, Petrina commented “I spent a special afternoon with my grandmother last year, who breastfed all 13 of her children. We chatted a lot about babies, feeding and everything in between. I came away thinking how do we share that legacy of what breastfeeding can create? It was after that I came up with the idea of the journal.”

The boobie journal launched on 18th March with 20% off for presale orders for expected delivery from 26th March.

Petrina is encouraging all breastfeeding mums to take up the mantle and write their story, regardless of how long it has been since mums have breastfed. The valuable knowledge we all have inside of us is so powerful to enable support of breastfeeding mothers. Research does show that 80% of mums will stay breastfeeding if they have peer to peer support, and this boobie journal goes a long way to enabling that support.

Breastfeeding mothers and lactation experts have been quick to praise the new boobie journal:

“That’s a wonderful idea and such an original way to celebrate breastfeeding and pass on the knowledge like a time capsule of sorts” Lactation Consultant and Midwife 

“We have journals / scrap books for scans and hand and footprints but this is so much more special. I have 6 years between kids and can’t really remember things about the first Boy. Would be lovely to have had them written down”. Proud Breastfeeding Mum



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