All the teething

All the teething

And still no teeth! It feels like Isobel has been teething since she was about 10 weeks old and still nothing to show for it at 7.5 months!

She has all the signs; drooling, blowing bubbles, chewing on her hands and feet, chewing on my hands, chewing on literally anything that she comes into contact with.

Some days like last night, she was in such pain on the car journey back from the airport. She cried non stop for about 30 minutes before tiredness took over and knocked her out.

I have tried all of the teething gels and none of them seem to make a difference. Even small drops of Calpol won’t ease the pain. So any night she is really bad, I end up breast feeding her to sleep as it’s the only thing that seems to give her comfort. I do worry in the back of my mind that I am giving her a bad habit. But I hate so much seeing her in pain and not been able take it away for her. She is always such a happy little baby, so I think for now I need to give her the comfort of my boob when she really needs it and hopefully all this hard work will end up with a few sprouting together..

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