Tips for travelling with a baby

Tips for travelling with a baby

We first started travelling with Isobel when she was only 8 weeks old back in 2018. As we lived in London at the time, we made a few trips back home in that first year after she was born.

Every time we travelled I learned something new, handy things to have at the airport or ferry and just basically making life easier for us. Here are a few of my essentials;


  1. If you are travelling by ferry/airport and you can still carry your baby in a sling, then bring it with you. Above anything else, this was the most important item I had with me. Once you hand over the buggy at the airport, it is so easy to carry them in a sling, then at least you still have your hands free for a nappy bag and passports etc. I also travelled by plane on my own with Isobel and again the sling was essential. A friend gifted me a sling from Mothercare, great to use as your baby comes out of newborn stage too. Don't be afraid to let your partner use the sling too! For ferry travel the sling was also great to get Isobel asleep, as I just threw a large muslin over her and did a few laps walking and she nodded off.
  2. If you are doing a mix of combi feeding, so using formula and breastfeeding, think about what you will need for formula feeding. Having formula measures pre-made and in containers will make life so much easier. Also make sure to pack your steriliser if your baby is under 1 year old.
  3. If you want a break from your baby over Christmas, even to get some sleep or a night out, bring your pump and storage bags for milk with you.
  4. Don't underestimate how much longer it will take to travel with a baby, especially if this is your first baby. Even if you are close to the airport, add at least an hour extra to your journey time. Things like moving baby, stopping the car to feed baby, or getting the buggy out are all time consuming!
  5. Bring your own car seat. Some of the care seat's at hire care venue's are dirty and not particular safe, as the majority are not of iso-fix standard. If you just cannot manage this and are hiring a car, check with the car rental company what kind of seat you are getting so you can manage expectations. Majority of airlines will let you bring a buggy and car seat.
  6. If your buggy has particular attachments like rain covers, or foot snugs, ensure these are all safely tucked into the buggy and cannot move before you hand over the buggy to airport staff. Our rain cover got lost between Heathrow and Shannon airport and with no one taking responsibility, we never got it back or got compensated for it.
  7. Lastly enjoy your time away as a family. As you will be out of your normal routine, your baby will be unsettled at least for the first few nights. Just know this is normal and it will take adjustment to settle your baby into a routine again. Try do the same things that you would do at home for your bedtime routine and that will help your baby adjust.

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