The cough continues

The cough continues

So we were back to hospital with Isobel for another follow up appointment. She still has the cough, although it midly improved with antibiotics it didn’t fully go away.

She is back on an inhaler twice a day for over two months until we see another consultant in early December. They have given me a diagnosis of viral induced asthma. It may not develop into proper asthma, but there is a small chance it could. With a history of asthma in my family I think it is likely she could have it too.

The only positive in all this waiting is she now likes the inhaler, so no more daily battles of pinning her down and trying to get her to breathe it in. When we approach with the monster mask we have to attach the inhaler too she now opens her mouth ready for it. Then gives herself a little clap when its all finished. All we can do now is wait and hope the consultant comes up with a clearer diagnosis.

“Monster mask inhaler device”

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