Surviving more sickness

Surviving more sickness

Both me and Isobel has gone through more illness post chickenpox. We ended up in baby A&E a few weeks ago when Isobel’s temperture was dangerously high. It reached 39 degrees and was not reducing even after Calpol. We first contacted NHS 111 helpline and they had advised us to go straight to hospital. Poor Isobel was so poorly and all she wanted to do was sleep.

After her checks with nurses and more paracetamol administrated her temperture was still not reducing. We continued to give her milk and water to ensure she didn’t get dehydrated. After a few more hours waiting the doctor decided to prescribe ibuprofen to help reduce her temperture. Finally around 5am it started to reduce.

After all night spent there I started experiencing extreme stomach cramps during the night. It got so bad I ended up collapsing in pain in front of Isobels doctor. It was worse than childbirth. The nurses took great care of me, got me on a bed and got a drip of painkillers going. Once the pain started to ease I drifted into a deep sleep. They had referred me to another doctor as they suspected appendicitis. So while Isobel was leaving hospital with her dad, I was transferred to the surgical unit.

After some scans and tests and a lot more painkillers I was eventually diagnosed with billery colic. I essentially have a gallstone in my gall bladder which gets aggrevated anytime I have fried foods, or foods high in fat such as cheese or butter. Unfortunately cheese is one of my favourite foods, that I’ve now had to give up. I had been experiencing stomach cramps for a few months but ignored it as thought it was either bad ingestion or a bug I had picked up from Isobel. The nurse who took care of me gave me a great lesson, she said “sometimes mum needs to be looked after too”.

After a week on a new diet I’m starting to feel better and glad to see Isobel is back to her very happy self too.

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