Starting to Nest

Starting to Nest

With only a few weeks to go until baby no.2 arrives, I have officially entered the “nesting period”. Yes everything in sight with some dust is getting a clean! I even got a haircut last week!

I am losing all that lovely 2nd trimester energy I had and most weekends now involve napping. Isobel is being particularly sweet when I am tired and telling me she will be ok with dad if I go for a little rest. She often cuddles into me when I lie on the couch for a break and rubs the baby, and tells me to take a rest. I hope she is just as sweet when the baby is actually here. She keeps asking for a baby sister so I also hope she won’t be too disappointed if it is a boy.

A few things I am doing differently in this pregnancy to help me relax and prepare for birth is researching hypnobirthing techniques, combined with pregnancy yoga since about week 22.

I have been reading Hollie de Cruz book “Your Baby, Your Birth”, and ironically a lot of what she talks about I did in my first labour without realising it. Setting up your ideal environment to get through early contractions at home is key. I did this last time, but having dim lighting, my favourite music and some nice candles to create an atmosphere. I went into this space each time I had a contraction and pushed the pain by leaning on a wall and breathing deep. In between contractions I was not able sit or lie down, so I just did laps of our small apartment!

What I really like about the book is she talks about all eventualities, i.e. if you have a planned or emergency C-section, hospital or home birth and how the techniques can be adjusted to suit your environment. Even if you have a birth plan and know you want an epidural, induction etc, there is a takeaway for everyone! It also gives a good reminder that even if you don’t get the birth plan you want you can still have a positive birth experience. I find this especially useful as even though I had a quick labour with Isobel, and expecting something similar second time round, there is a chance this might not be the case, so I am trying not to get too focused on what happened last time, and be open to the fact I won’t be able control much but my breathing and how I react once it starts!

I may not do too much blogging between now and post birth, so just want to say thanks to all my followers. I am also on Instagram as @mamasboobiebox and will be posting updates there once I give birth.

Chat soon

Petrina x

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