Sleep training finally starting to work

Sleep training finally starting to work

I started trying to sleep train Isobel when she was about 10 weeks old, primarily because she was doing a night sleep of about 7-8 hours and I wanted to encourage a few more.

I started with a bedtime routine for night sleep with bath, storytime feed and a sleep with bedtime between 8 and 9 pm depending on how tired she was. This starting working after about 2 weeks but daytime naps were another story.

I had researched and read a lot about daytime naps and tried following all of the advice;wind down time, dark room, put to sleep awake but drowsy. None of which worked so I spent about two months walking the streets with the pram for each nap.

Once the weather started getting colder I knew I couldnt keep this up so I began with trying to rock her asleep in her pram, again it took weeks of her crying for about 20 mins each time I tried to settle her for a nap. Some days were worse than others and I would cave and feed her lying down in bed to get her asleep, at least this way I got a nap too!!

My husband (who works from home) couldnt listen to another frustrating nap time one day so he asked to try and put her asleep. Within 5 mins she was flat out. I didnt know who I was more annoyed with, her for taking the piss for sleeping so quickly or him with the this is so easy face! So for about a month while he was at home he did the daytime naps and every time she slept. I kept asking “what are you doing differently?” And all I got in return was “I’m just doing what you told me to do, put in sleeping bag, soother and rock to sleep in your arms”.

So my new years resolution was to get her asleep in the cot without the need for boob intervention and yesterday it worked for the first time and I could have done cartwheels I was so excited. Today I got one more nap in too so maybe persistence is key. But one thing I can guarantee in baby world, what works today certainly will not work tomorrow but I’m taking it as a win! #tomorrowisanewday

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