Sleep regression -we meet again

Sleep regression -we meet again

Just as you think you have settled into a great evening routine, another bout of sleep regression drags you back into reality of toddlerdom!

We are about 2 weeks into this phase now and at first I thought it was illness as Isobel is recovering from a bad ear infection. She seems to be also growing a new tooth by the day and think I have now counted 5 extra sprouting up.

After reading more about the typical 18 month sleep regression it seems to cover a mix of growth spurt, new anxiety, more teething and more self awareness. I even thought this morning she grew about a foot overnight!

So how are we coping? Trying to stick to our normal bed routine when she wakes at night. So I settle her in her own room, lie down beside her on a spare mattress and hold her hand until she relaxes enough that I can leave. I usually have to exit the room like a ninja as any slight creak in floorboards seems to wake her again. As a result some nights I have spent half the night sleeping beside her, as I usually nod off before she does. Unfortunately I seem to be flavour of the month also, so dada in the middle of the night just doesn’t cut it and the screams until mama appears are deafening. Its swings and roundabouts though, 2 weeks ago she only wanted dada to put her asleep, so I am hoping for a shift back fairly soon!!

I am not worried about creating bad habits as this is about the 4th time we have been through a sleep regression and she always settles back eventually.

I had one sweet moment with her this morning as dada got her out of her cot she spotted my slippers and ran up to my bed to hand them to me. She climbed up beside and gave me the biggest cuddle and just said “Mama” and laughed. I am taking that as a big thank you for all the nights I have settled her to sleep. It’s about all that is keeping me going to get through the tiredness of each working day!

Stay strong mamas, this is only meant to last for 4-6 weeks!

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