More discipline issues

More discipline issues

It’s always a proud mom moment when the creche supervisor tells you, your little one hit another child, as I hang my head in shame.

She did reassure me though that all of the toddlers are doing the same thing. It’s all about testing boundaries apparently!

Poor mum has been the subject of these incidents at home too and it always happens when I am putting on her pyjamas. She has a fairly quick and hard right hook and I’m convinced that one day she could be a champion boxer!

Each time this happens, I remind her hitting is not nice, we don’t do hitting in this house. She must apologise each time and give me a hug and then we say it is all OK now. This has been ongoing for a few weeks and I find it strange that she has never attempted to hit her dad.

So this evening we finally had a breakthrough when she decided she was going to put on her own pyjamas. Once she had proudly done that, she told me “no hitting mama”, “hitting is not nice”. Let’s hope this continues, I know my face will thank her for it 🤣🤣.

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