Lockdown survival part duex

Lockdown survival part duex

We are now 3 weeks into severe lockdown restrictions in Ireland and still 3 weeks to go. While it’s a lot different to Lockdown 1.0, we at least still have childcare open and my working hours aren’t so manic!

We still have to come up with a lot of activities to pass the day. Isobel is normally awake from 7am and if she naps during the day it’s usually 9pm before she sleeps ( I actually like the no nap days, like tonight she was asleep at 7pm!).

I’ve bought a lot of colouring markers and bought an A4 pad and she will happily spend an hour colouring if mama joins her too. She is also addicted to doing jigsaw puzzles at the moment and could spend hrs doing the same one. I was lucky my mam had picked up a few of these in a local pound shop, defintely the best cheapest activity we have. We then try and spend a few hours outside running around, on the bike or chasing the cat or checking on granny’s hens. We are so lucky with the amount of outdoor space my mother in law has, so it is perfectly safe for Isobel to run around outside (very different from what we had in London).

Today Isobel didn’t have as much energy as she normal does in the afternoon due to no nap, so we sat together and watched a lovely nature programme about the worlds greatest rivers. There was plenty of animals involved so loads to keep her amused. I try to limit the amount of TV time she has, but if the weather is bad and she is tired, it’s really nice to cuddle on the couch for an hour and listen to her questions and chit chat.

She has started to try and string a sentence together. The first one the other night was quiet manipulative “mama get bunny, Isobel stop crying”. Yes she talks in the third person 🤷‍♀️. And so the period of manipulating mummy begins..

Park walks

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