Introducing our new gift box

Introducing our new gift box

We are delighted to introduce our new gift box with first time breastfeeding mums in mind.

We listened to feedback from our customers, who said they would love to see silver cups and a haakaa pump in a gift box.

So we have curated the First-Time Feeder Gift Box, thoughtfully curated for the mum who is breastfeeding for the first time.

This meticulously crafted gift box is a perfect blend of practical essentials, that will help support a new mum on her breastfeeding journey.

Our gift box includes items for breast care, a breastfeeding pillow for back and neck support and a manual breast pump to help with breast milk supply.

Nestled within the elegant gift box packaging, new mums will discover a selection of items aimed at making their breastfeeding experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Each gift box comes with a detailed description of the products and how to use them and breastfeeding support details for the new mum.

Intro offer for Friday 15th December- A special 10% off for today automatically applied!

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