If I hear the wheels on the bus…

If I hear the wheels on the bus…

One more time, I’m likely to go flipping mad!

I bought a musical book and CD for Isobel months ago and since we have been in lockdown, it gets played at least once a day. Like all of us with our favourite tunes, Isobel has her token favs which I can now switch too without even looking at the hi-fi player. She”ll do the wheels turning action whenever she wants me to sing it or play it for her,and this could happen anywhere! So a lot of strangers today in the park heard me belting out “the ladies on the bus goes chatter chatter chatter” while Isobel made her matching moves in the buggy.

While days at home are all starting to roll into one and feel really like groundhog day, I am enjoying our daily trips to the park. Isobel now loves chasing pigeons and she clocked up so much running today, I was thinking of sticking a Fitbit on her just to see her step count!! She also wants to imitate everything all other kids are doing, so she needed my help today to climb a tree. Of course I obliged, and then got to witness her super human strength. She was hanging on a branch and starting doing chinup’s, I let go for a few minutes and she was able hold on and continue to lift herself up.

I’ve had about 3 weeks or more of sleepless nights now as Isobel is teething really badly, there seems to be new one’s sprouting every day. I am using a mix of bonjela and Calpol to ease her pain, but she is chewing on anything she can get her hands on. It is also throwing her daytime naps out of sync so some days even if she’s up really early, she still doesn’t sleep until 7.30pm, which can be a really draining day!!

The tiredness is waring on me so my husband treated me to a lie in today and a little “me time” to have a cup of tea and breakfast in peace while he took Isobel for a walk. It is hard to stay motivated during lockdown and sometimes I think only for Isobel I would be spending half of my weekends in bed! The main things that are helping are regular video calls with my extended family, and constant messaging on my lovely NCT group.

I hope everyone is staying safe and getting to enjoy some sunshine with their little ones.

Chasing pigeons in the park

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