Hello..is there anyone out there?

Hello..is there anyone out there?

These are strange times we are living in and I stopped blogging for a while to get my head around everything that has happened in last few weeks in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve been working from home for over two weeks and just over a week of sharing childcare with my husband whilst trying to work. I salute any single parent trying to do this right out. As an introvert I feel I have adopted well to our staying at home routine, but I feel my poor husband is struggling. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions in the first week which led me to do crazy things like mop every floor a few times over (and I don’t like cleaning at the best of times!).

So how did we adapt. We tried to get Isobel into some kind of routine similar to nursery. So as normal we get her up at same time and have breakfast together. My husband then takes her out for a few hours walk while I work. He comes back before her lunch, we eat together and then he puts her down for a nap, usually between 12pm and 2pm. We both work while she is asleep and then I take over childcare in afternoon while my husband works.

I try and do a mix of activities in the afternoon such as colouring, playing with jigsaw or our recent adventure of playing with sticker books. Today we did some painting with a really lovely book that only requires water and no paints! It’s like a magic paintbrush. I also take her out to the park in the afternoon for some dog spotting and letting her loose, as she gets a little wired in our small flat. All of the fresh air is definitely improving her nap and sleeping at night, there has to be some upside to this.

The one thing I find most difficult is having no in between finishing work and looking after Isobel. So its seems I am working harder now than ever, and most days come 5pm I am clock watching until bathtime. Don’t get me wrong I love all the extra time I am getting to spend with her, but after the 100th “Mommie” of the day, I often have to sneak to the toilet just to get a break and respond to any WhatsApp messages!

I am loving see her development each day and every morning there seems to be another new word. We are also hearing “no” a lot more. But some of the eye gauging, and hair pulling on me has dropped significantly and I wonder is she more comforted now by having us around more.

So would love to know how others are coping in similar situations and how do you work and care for your little ones effectively?

Today’s activity, learning to wash hands

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