From breast to bottle

From breast to bottle

My breastfeeding journey is slowing ending as I prepare to go back to work at the end of the month. To ensure a smooth transition for Isobel I have decided to switch to formula feeding before this happens so there is not too many changes at once. I have mixed emotions about it, as I have loved our bonding time together, and it is just another sign that she is growing up faster than I can process.

It’s funny before Isobel was born I thought if I can feed her myself for 6 months I will have achieved something great, then after the first week, I didn’t think I would last another. And here we are nearly 9 months in and I am not really sure where the time has gone. To anyone thinking about breastfeeding, start with one feed and don’t even think about how long you will do it for, one day at a time is definitely a better approach!

I began with changing one feed a day last week and I am now up to two feeds, so will operate a combination for another 10 days or so to prevent engorgement or another round of mastitis ( I’ve had enough of that already!). I have read a little about it and NHS guidelines seem the most sensible. There is also a great link to an article on there (from ACAS) about returning to work and employer obligations, so worth a read if you are in a similar situation and unsure about what to do.

I am looking forward to spending my first wages on some non-breastfeeding type clothing, and getting back into a proper bra!

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