Entertain me Mommy.. Now

Entertain me Mommy.. Now

I am noticing such a change in Isobel in the last few weeks. She has started to be a lot more clingy and definitely needs constant stimulation when awake. I follow the wonder weeks app which tells me she is currently going through the period of change known as the world of categories. (known to mom as complete frustration)

When she doesn’t get attention or her way, she headbutts her head to the floor in frustration. She is really getting annoyed by the fact that she wants to move but cannot, so is trying to crawl backward at the moment! Only a few weeks ago I could leave her happily playing on the floor while I made dinner or did other chores, the minute I turn my back now she is in tears!

In an attempt to keep her entertained I started searching YouTube for games we could play as all her toys seem to be the soft teddy type which she is quickly losing interest in. So I made a game of her pulling string through a part of the steamer we use for cooking. I inserted the strings in the holes and then with Isobel on my lap, I allowed her to have a go at pulling them through. (pic below) The mom in YouTube made it look a lot more professional than what I ended up with, but Isobel really loved it. It was really easy for her with the first go as I put the strings in just one hole so she had it pulled out in seconds. The second time, I mixed all the strings together and intertwined within a few holes so this kept her entertained for at least 10 minutes.

The next game we played was her making noises with tinfoil. I tore off a big piece and let her shake it about. The interest in this wore off within 60 seconds! So I reluctantly got on Amazon and ordered some sensory toys as my homemade efforts seem useless in comparison! Thank Prime for next day delivery!

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