Do Silver Cups really work for nipple pain when Breastfeeding?

Do Silver Cups really work for nipple pain when Breastfeeding?

When you hear about a product so often, the shine kinda comes off it and you begin to think, can something like this really work this well?

Well I was a non-believer until I had Aisling and her latch was really poor at the start, so much so, that I got mastitis again in my first week of feeding her.

Why I used Silver Cups

My nipple area got fairly damaged as a result of her poor latch and breastfeeding was beginning to get really painful. I knew I was seeing a lactation consultant but that wasn't for another week, so I needed something to keep me going until I got proper professional help!

I tried the silver cups, as so many had recommended them to me in pregnancy and so many mums had told me to stock this product when I was just starting the business. I was really skeptical about how they would work so well, but at this stage I was willing to give anything a try.

How to Use Silver Cups when Breastfeeding?

I used the cups in between feeds and left them on for just over an hour at a time. The right breast was particularly bad so I was hoping that would heal first. After four hours I could see my skin started to heal. I was wondering was it the sleep deprivation making me see things funny! After using the cups and then feeding Aisling the pain had minimised so much, it was such a relief.

I continued using them for the next few days in between feeds and just for an hour each time. By the time I had my appointment with my lactation consultant the pain and damage was completely cleared up.

Thankfully only a few tweaks to help with the latch got Aisling feeding much better too.

How to Clean Silver Cups

The great thing about sliver cups is they don't need sterilizing, you wash in bicarbonate of soda with warm water after each use. Silver is a natural healing element and it's the reason it works so well against your skin.

Definitely a must have for your hospital bag, or put it on your baby shower list!



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