Breastfeeding Covers: Pro's and Con's

Breastfeeding Covers: Pro's and Con's

Breastfeeding covers are ideal to build your confidence when breastfeeding in public for the first time. They have been around for years and traditionally they were fashioned from the basic cooking apron. But they have developed over the years into stylish patterns and designs to ensure mums remain covered whilst feeding, whilst also being able to view their baby at the same time.

The reason sometimes they get a bit of flak is, everyone says breastfeeding mothers shouldn't feel they have to cover up when breastfeeding in public. Whilst this is true, try tell a new mum, with a baby who's a few weeks old, and she is just out for coffee and feels everyone is staring at her. Remember those first few weeks of being a new mum, it's hard, right. You don't even know how to hold your baby correctly, never mind trying to navigate nursing in public. You just feel at any stage someone will come up to you and tell you how to hold your baby properly. And we probably feel this nervy as all through our pregnancy we have been filled up with unsolicited advice, so by the time we get to having our babies, we are full with useless advice to be honest!





For myself in those first few months I nearly always wore a breastfeeding cover or at least an extra muslin or jumper thrown over me. I was nervous, not sure how to feed, I was using nipple shields and didn't want my whole boob exposed as I tried to put them on. I know other mums who avoid leaving the house for weeks, for fear of trying to feed in public. This isn't right either, the only way you will get to mum and baby groups and meeting other mums in your situation is by building your confidence to be out with your baby.

So whatever way you feed your baby in public, just remember to do what you feel comfortable doing and don't let anyone shame you for it! 

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