6 doctors in 3 months

6 doctors in 3 months

The cough continues..

We had a review of Isobel’s cough this week at the hospital. After two weeks of giving her an inhaler and medication it made no improvement. I even switched to goat’s milk in case it was allergy related, but nothing worked.

After more checking of her breathing, chest and ears and found nothing wrong, they gave her an antibiotic and diagnosed it as a suspected viral infection. I am not big into taking medication without just cause, but hearing her cough so harshly night after night, I am willing to try anything.

Then to my surprise when we dropped her back to nursery later in the day I was told they wouldn’t keep her for 1 day once she started the medication. It’s a precaution in case she has a bad reaction to it. (Note to self:always read the small print in a nursery contract)

I had a lovely day off with her, but forgot how much hard work she is without help of the hubbie. I had great plans made but all came undone when she decided to go for a 2 hr morning nap! It left mama to catch up on some crappy day time tv!

The result of the medication is we had a proper night’s sleep last night with no coughing, so I think it’s starting to work 🤞.

If it doesn’t we are back to another doctor in 4 weeks time for more head scratching!

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