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Elvie Curve -Manual In-Bra Hands Free-Breast Pump

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Elvie Curve -Manual In-Bra Hands Free-Breast Pump is less hassle than a traditional manual pump, Elvie Curve lets you effortlessly collect even more milk in three ways: while breastfeeding on the other breast, pumping on the other breast, or whenever your breast feels full.

And, unlike other silicone breast pumps, Elvie Curve is contoured to neatly fit in your bra—no jutting out, so you’re free to be out and about.

Elvie Curve is an innovative and user-friendly solution for breastfeeding mothers who want a hands-free, discreet method of collecting letdown milk. Its simple design, made from safe materials, and eco-friendly aspects make it a popular choice for those seeking convenience without sacrificing functionality.

Elvie Curve is particularly aimed at breastfeeding mothers, offering a discreet and hands-free way to collect breast milk. Unlike traditional breast pumps that require power sources and intricate setups, the Elvie Curve is a simple, silicone-based device that fits directly into a bra. Its unobtrusive design allows mothers to collect milk effortlessly while engaging in various activities, offering convenience and flexibility.



Elvie Curve -Manual In-Bra Hands Free-Breast Pump has the following features:

  • Safe and durable: Elvie Curve is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made with food-grade silicone, perfect for mother and baby.
  • Warranty: Elvie Curve comes with a 90 day warranty. For complete warranty, see the Instructions for Use inside the packaging.
  • The simplest way to express free of fiddly parts, the Elvie Curve breast pump is easy to use - simply press the silicone pouch to create natural suction and express up to 4 oz of milk each time.
  • Wearable - Sitting discreetly inside your bra, Elvie Curve is a wearable breast pump so that your hands are kept free and you don't have to worry about it being knocked off when your little one is feeding.


Elvie Curve -Manual In-Bra Hands Free-Breast Pump for Mums
Elvie curve breast pump demo of use inside a women&
Elvie curve breast pump being pushed to demo it&
Elvie curve breast pump being pushed to demo it&

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