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Clevamama Bamboo Baby Muslin Cloths- Baby Blanket

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Muslin Colour

These beautifully breathable quality Bamboo Baby Muslin Cloths are made with soft bamboo fibre and cotton, so they are super soft. 

With so many uses for your tiny baby, including; burping baby, a baby bib, and a light blanket over your baby. 

Bamboo, known for its rapid growth and minimal environmental impact, adds a layer of eco-consciousness to muslin cloths. Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource, requiring no pesticides or fertilizers for growth and flourishing in diverse climates. Its cultivation also involves significantly less water compared to traditional cotton, making it an environmentally responsible choice for those seeking sustainable alternatives.

The fabric is exceptionally soft, with a smooth and gentle texture against the skin. This quality makes bamboo baby muslin cloths a preferred choice for mums when picking the perfect cloths for their baby.

In baby care, bamboo muslin cloths have become a staple for parents. The fabric's softness is ideal for delicate baby skin, and its breathability helps regulate temperature, preventing overheating. These cloths are often used as moses basket blankets, burp cloths, or nursing covers, providing comfort and versatility for both infants and parents.

Caring for bamboo muslin cloths is straightforward. They are machine-washable, and their durability ensures they maintain their quality over time. As with any textile, following care instructions helps preserve the integrity of the fabric and extends its lifespan.

Available in blue with 3 included in a pack. 

Size is 70cm x 70 cm 

70% Viscose from Bamboo 

30% Cotton 

Washable at 40 degrees


Clevamama Bamboo Baby Muslin Cloths- Super Soft to touch
Clevamama Bamboo Muslins are made from bamboo and cotton and are soft to touch, blue and pink colours shown.
Pink & White baby muslin cloth made of bambo

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